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Project Description
Package Metadata Extractor is a C# project that reads column information from a SQL Server 2005 DTSX package and writes it into a SQL database, making it easier to obtain error information in SSIS packages. The resultant table can be used in a Lookup.

This project is more than a little based on this one: Essentially I have taken the code, converted it to my preferred C#, and allowed for command line parameters, so you have reusability on a per-solution basis.

I have updated the v1.0 download with a bug fix to actually create the target database when it doesn't exist.

Nb. This utility works with 2005 SSIS packages only. It won't work for 2008 version packages, but could be adapted easily I should think to do so. What I may consider is modifying it to recognise the SSIS package version and work for either.

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